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the core social indicator of thailand 2008

The core social indicators of Thailand 2008 is the third edition published by the National Statistical Office. The first edition was released in 2006 and 2007. The purpose of whish is to provide and setup the systematics Core Social Indicators Of Thailand and be able to have them updated continuously. This report is devided the social indicators into 6 sectors namely: Population and Housing, Labour Force, Education, Health, Social Welfare and Other Social Statistics. The objective of publication is to present the social situation of Thailand through core social indicators. The publication is designed to help executives, businessmen and all other users in monitoring, analyzing the trend and to evaluate the results of the social of the country development .
The National Statistical Office gratefully acknownledges the kind cooperation of the government agencies and state enterprises whohave supplied the escential statistical data. The National Statistical Office whish that this report would be useful to both government and public sectors and the general users.