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High Qualified Manpower Survey

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The National Statistical Office has been conducted the High Qualified Manpower Survey since 1975. This survey is annually conducted in order to obtain basic data on demographic and socio-economic characteristics of graduated person, i.e., sex, age, level of educational attainment, employment status, attitudes towards unemployed problems etc. The results of the survey will benefit for educational developments, improving curriculum, implementing labour policy.

Summary Tables

Table 1 Percentage of Branuates by sex, age group and educational attainmet.
Table 2 Percentage of Granduates by work status, sex and education attainment.
Table 3 Percentage of Unemployed Graduates by reason for not looking for work and educationl attiment.
Table 4 Percentage of Employed Graduates by industry and educatioanl attainment.

Coverage of the survey

All persons who graduated from government and private institutions at the vocational level upto doctorate level, i.e. , Certificate in Higher Education (High. Educ.), Certificate in Vocational Education (Cert. Voc.), Diploma in Technician Education (Dip. Tech.), Diploma in Vocational Education (Dip. Voc.), Bachelor Degree, Master degree and Doctorate Degree.


A stratified systematic sampling is adopted for the survey. The educational levels are constituted strata, there are altogether 8 strata. In each stratum, systematic samples are independently selected.

Period of collection data

The data will be annually collected during May to August. Mail Questionnaires method is adopted to colllect data from sampling unit.

Report publication

It usually takes 6 months to process the data after finishing field operation. The final report is presented at the Whole Kingdom level.